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Our Mission is to break down barriers that inhibits Medical Cannabis from becoming a viable alternative for health care professionals and patients. Our focus is a professional holistic approach to treating various ailments with cannabis. We do patient care plans based on medical history, drug therapy and lifestyle. We are available to communicate with other health care professionals on behalf of patient care. All recommendations are made by a registered pharmacist or other licensed health care professionals. We believe cannabis has an important place in main stream medicine. When used effectively, many patients are able to reduce their dependence on traditional pharmaceuticals. We work with local dispensaries to insure that the best medical cannabis products are being supplied. We believe that cannabis is medicine and we are doing our part to present the proper information to the health care community.

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Individual Cannabis Consultations

Cannacist Wellness Solutions offers both personalized care plans and general information on how to become a medical cannabis patient.  We provide professional, individualized consultations aimed to help you make informed decisions about wellness through cannabis, and assist you in navigating conversations with your doctor in regards to how cannabis can impact your overall treatment.  Our pharmacists and licensed health professionals are here to guide you through the medical cannabis maze. From dispensary suggestions to product recommendations, Cannacist Wellness Solutions partners with you in attaining your goal of optimal well-being.

Cannabis Education

We believe that an informed patient has a better opportunity to have successful treatment with medical cannabis. We are medical cannabis advocates. We offer individual, small and large group lectures on various medical cannabis topics.  We are extremely passionate in reaching out to senior groups as well as church health and wellness ministries.  We share the truth; the good and the bad.  If you have an event that you would like us to participate in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Family Counseling

We understand the stigma attached with utilizing cannabis. However sometime family members don’t understand. We offer a family counseling session so that loved ones can better understand the cannabis use of their family member.  We know that patient’s  are more successful when they have family and friend support while going through treatment. We also explain the caregiver program so that family members can be more involved at the dispensary.

Cannabis Awareness for Health Care Professionals

We are committed to helping healthcare professionals become more aware of the many uses in which medical cannabis can control their patients ailments. We believe that medical Cannabis is here to stay.  We offer an array of articles just for health care professionals. We are available to offer small or large group lectures on topics that are important to health care professionals. We believe through an exchange of information from one health care professional to another we can close the gap on the great divide of cannabis being recognized as medicine. 


We are partnering with CBD BioCare to offer the best full spectrum CBD products available for patients to use to improve their health and overall quality of life. Cannacist Wellness Solutions believes that CBD makes a difference in patients lives and that CBD Biocare can make positive changes in peoples lives one bottle at a time.

Not all CBD is equal, click here to learn the 6 Points to Know Before Buying CBD. 

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